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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for having us. >> sean: thank you both. amazing story. that is all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here monday night. >> greta: tonight, horrible customer service. that is what the outgoing irs acting commissioner calls the ers targeting of conservative groups. horrible customer are service. but members of congress are calling the irs a lot of other things. >> we provided horrible customer service here. >> we will admit that. we did. >> horrible customer service. >> who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> he don't have names for you, mr. brady. >> we were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled, that's lying. >> i think what happened is foolish mess takes were mead by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> what happened is outrageous
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and inexcusable and unless those of us who strongly disagree with the tea party on many issues defend it from any impairment and allow it to be as wrong as it wants to be we impair our dem krauthammer he is. democracy. >> why did you mislead congress on the american people on this? >> mr. chairman chairman, i did not mislead congress report american people. >> did the committee have the right to know what you knew? >> i answered all questions truthfully. i also will tell you that -- >> i'm going to go to mr. george because my time is -- you are not going to cooperate with me, mr. miller and you have been uncooperative during this hearing. >> is this still america? is this government so drunk on power that it would turn its full force, its full might to harass and i intimidate and threaten an average american who only wants her voice and their voices heard?
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>> on the one hand, you are arguing today that the irs is not corrupt. >> but the sub text of that is you are saying look, we are just incompetent. >> regardless of whether democrats or republicans did something like this the outrage should still be there, is that not, correct? >> the outrage as to -- >> the abuse! >> yes. >> you knew of our concern of his targeting. yew kneyou knew of the allegations reported to the committee. we brought you here to talk about it and you received a briefing that this was teaing place but did not divulge this to the committee when we were asking questions about this. >> where did the conversation take place? >> i believe it was over the phone. >> what day did the conversation take place? >> i have is to look back at my notes, sir. >> do you have notes than? >> i would have to try to find them. >> why did you say you have notes when you didn't have notes? >> er is, please. >> who is responsible?
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who is conducting the investigation? >> i don't have that name, sir. >> why don't you? >> have you asked anybody? >> yes, i asked. >> who did you ask? >> i don't have that name either. >> i would be grad to pro slide the names. >> let him answer the yes. >> who did you ask? >> i asked the senior technical advisor. >> and what is the senior technical advisor's name? >> nancy marks. >> and what did nancy tell you? who is sponsible? >> that i don't remember to be honest with you. >> you don't remember again. when the irs comes in you are not' loued to be shoddy or run horribly or make mistakes and do one damn thing that doesn't come in compliance. if you do you are held responsible right then. i think the american people have seen what is going on in the government. an overreach and an outrage for all of america. i yield back. >> all right. >> greta: house ways and means committee chair dave camp leading the explosive hearing
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on the irs scandal. the first of many. chairman camp joins us. >> thanks, greta. thanks for having me. >> mr. miller said it was foolish mistakes. do you agree or do you conclude after the hearing today it was something more sinister? >> even the inspector general said this was really a pattern. this was targeting of people who had conservative political views. the other thing that was i think really problematic is we didn't get enough answers. we he didn't get enough information. there was a lot of lack of memory. a lot of really not being forthcoming and so there is going be a lot more to do and as i said at the end of the hearing that is just the beginning, this investigation is going to be ongoing and that is a promise he made to the american people. >> greta: you talk about lack of memory and say the answers weren't forthcoming. was that memories fade or do you think that the witness was being cagey with you, coy and trying to hide something. >> you know, when you got
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through several hours of that i think an arrogance at the irs came across in bright colors and that was disconcerting to all of us and as you saw the hearing go on members became even more frustrated with that. in the sense that, again, they weren't really telling us why they didn't inform us as representatives of the american people when we had been inquiring after this for more than two years and gave us assurances this wasn't going on hearings. now, we will not stop until we get all of thences we need to get. clearly when we were trying to ask those before they weren't forthcoming and we will get to the bottom of this. >> greta: say sort of in the words of congressman paul ryan of wisconsin that the irs misled congress and mr. miller was one of those that misled congress? >> absolutely the irs misled
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congress. they had access to donor lists. per are formed audits. those were all confirmed in today's hearing. we did get that. we don't know to the extent all those things went on. clearly the ig audit was just that, an audit and cursory look at the practices. we need to dig deeper to find out where this goes. what really was clear, it was one political viewpoint that was targeted. it was one political viewpoint brought in for questioning that was so far off the chart it is hard to believe -- you couldn't have made it up. >> greta: do you think there is any link to the white house? are you suspicious there is any link beyond the irs to the white house? >> we don't have any link to the white house at this time. we do know at least the secretary of the treasury was informed but you that was one of the areas they were very he vague about, about who they hold and when they told them and what they told them. we have to take a lot closer look at all of those things.
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>> greta: has the irs offered to your committee any information about any targeted liberal groups or progressive groups or have they given you any question area questionnaire sent to the proguessive or liberal groups that mirror what they have is sent to the tea party or conservative groups? >> no. we are getting lots of calls and lots of examples of targeting of conservative groups, of religious organizations. this is much broader than just tax exempt organizations. we are not hearing that on the other side, not at all. >> greta: i don't know the rules of the hearing. if i were mr. miller and i were were on the hot seat accused of targeting one particular side of the poe let cal spectrum. if i had information that i had done the same thing with the other side i would have said how about this, do you want this information. and would you expect that from the wet necessary today or is that something that you wouldn't expect? >> i think you would expect
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that. i got to tell you, i didn't get this sense that he was outraged at the end of all of this. that, you know, this was just sort of not that big a deal to him. and i don't think he really fully even yet understood just how much a problem this was in terms of breaking faith with the the american people and really almost going to the level of abuse of certain individuals in terms of the questions asked and the length they had to go to simply to exercise their rights under the law. >> greta: what do you make of the fact that there was this sort of staged question to ms. lerner before the report came out? what was that all about? explain what happened and what was the point of all of that? >> we just learned of that in the hearing and clear early what they he did was staged the redisease of this information and completely ignored the congress or official channels in terms of getting it out and i think they thought they were going to get this behind them in a 24 hour news seekle. the problem is we had been
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asking tore this information and so the fact that that was that plan makes me think this was not just a few people in one area that knew about this or a few low level people and that others were arent involved in orchestrating a planned leak of it. it is a fairly sophisticated p.r. tactic and i question whether the irs thought of that all by themselves. that was just confirmed in the hearing. something we didn't know before. we do know that now and we can look further in that area. >> greta: am i correct that ms. lerner who was head of the tax exempt division during most of the operative time here that she learned about it as soon as at least june of 2011? did she know about it at least then? >> we think she knew about it then and obviously we want to get to her at some point and have her verify that. it appears that is when we found out about it, two years ago. >> greta: we had guests here on
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"on the record" and i have seen information as recently as january of 2012 six months after she learned that groups still felt like they were targeted. seems like that would have been a good time, june of 2011 to step in and stop it. >> absolutely. that doesn't appear to have been done. the other thing we just had a hearing last week on this and they still didn't tell us even though they orchestrated this release it was coming in just a couple of days. they have clearly not been forthcoming with congress. they he have an obligation under the law to not conceal material facts from the congress and is so there is a lot of concern here. i think that is we even the attorney general is concerned and brought you in the fbi to look at potential criminal activity. >> greta: you have been asking for this material from the irs for some team. letters back and forth between congress and the irs. you haven't gotten the information. why doesn't congress issue subpoenas and put the feet to the fire?
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this could have been done at a much faster pace so a lot of people didn't suffer. why didn't you step up the oversight and put feet to the fire on the irs. >> we just found out about this a week ago. and in that short time we wanted to schedule a hearing with the current director to see where things were. clearly this investigation is going to be ramped up. i'm not sure in the directions we are going to go. we did not get the information we needed to get in today's hearing and we he have to go to the next level. >> greta: most prosecutions start at the bottom and not the top in terms of questions. talk to the people in cincinnati because they may lead you farther up the chain. >> i think that is a very good point. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. thanks, greta. >> greta: okay. brace yourselves for this one. obama care is front and center in this irs scandal. turns out the irs chief heading up the obamacare office at the irs got more than $100,000 in
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bonuses. all that money put in her pocket as she ran the agency's tax exempt division. the same division now accused of targeting conservatives. a a bonus so large it typically requires presidential approval. did president obama approve the bonus? tell me about the bonus and who are we talking about? >> sarah hall ingram who headed the tax exempt division during the time that the alleged targeting was going on and now appointed by steven miller are by the way the man who testified today had such testy relations with the committee he promoted her into handling the whole oklahoma care account which is a big part of the irs job coming up in the years to come. when she was the head of this tax exempt division she got $100,000 total bonuses from 2009 to 2012 including $34,000 bonus in 2010. a $35,000 bonus in 2011. you are right, my colleague
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mark tapscott at the washington examiner uncovered the numbers and also says that a bonus that high generally has to go to the office of personnel management and then to the president for are approval. >> greta: she has gotten them during the obama administration. has been around the irs for some time. did she ever get them in the former administration? >> the biggest bonus was $34,000 under president bush. the irs gave out $92 million in bonuses from o the ground '9 to 2012. $5,500 an average of $5,500 employee. they have this kind of culture of bonuses at the irs. >> greta: it must be appropriated by congress. maybe one thing the irs giving out bonuses that a lot of people might not leak. where are they getting the cash. >> it is appropriated by congress and part of the appropriation for the irs which we have been hearing is lot is kind of a semi in dependent
7:14 pm
organization but you really in the treasury department. they are federal employees just like everybody else. represented a number of them by a union but these are h bonuset outstrip most everybody in the federal government. >> greta: is it like ear marked for bonuses? >> if congress wanted to crack down on this they could crack down on this. $92 million in the last four years. >> greta: i just asked this, the oversight committee is. there is a difference between oversight and investigation. if you do your oversight we don't get to the investigation because is you monitored and make sure that we don't go off the rails. almost because congress is so slow in getting the answers becomes more from oversight to investigation because we the taxpayers have been hammered. >> it is the question to ask of the ways and means committee which in the house does oversee the irs. the bonuses okay to you. news to you? did you know about them. do you think this is the way things should work?
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>> greta: why did she get them by the way? >> good performance. she may, indeed, do a fine job but 48,000 bucks. >> greta: she may do a great job. if she learned about the darking in june of 2011 and still going on as recently as january 12 she she turned her are back on it. if those dates are correct she knew about it and looked the other way. >> and was not only by the way getting the bonus of $35,000, that was on top of her $177,000 salary. she really did pretty well. and you know, steven miller today said that the irs provided absolutely horrible customer service during that time. >> greta: no one likes the irs. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: tonight, growing calls for the irs to keep its hands off healthcare. many are asking how can an agency that violated the public trust be trusted to implement
7:16 pm
obamacare? congressman marlon stutzman calling it unacceptable even by washington standards. that is a low bar. explain why obama care is beinge administered by the irs. what is the connection? >> by the affordable healthcare are law you that the agency that was selected t audit, to direct, to administer the new you healthcare law. it is pretty concerning for all of us when we hear the chilling reports of what is going on over the irs that now we know that the army being hired for the administration and the irs to administer the law is very concerning and one of those things we should take into account and put it on the list of other reasons why we should repeal the healthcare law like we did yesterday in the house of representatives. >> greta: 30 or are 40 new taxes that the irs has to administer through obama care and plus you have the army of people who are like the navigators to help you sort of
7:17 pm
make your way through the obamacare being hired by the irs. all that is money that has to be appropriated by congress to pay for are that? >> absolutely. the medical device tax which affects industries in my district in northeast indiana is going to be administered by the irs. are they are already collecting these dollars. this is all money collected to pay for the healthcare law. and a when you see how they have been unobjective or select willed certain groups to target i think their integrity comes into question and i think if we give them this much control and this much power with the healthcare law i think that we should take a step back and reexamine. >> greta: i don't know what is going o the ground happen now this rather downfortunate for the obama administration that the irs is under fire. i'm he curious. is there any way that they can hire the new you people without getting the money from you and i don't see how the congress the house of representatives
7:18 pm
who just yesterday voted to repeal obamacare is going authorize the money. isn't that where we stand that there is not the money to do this anyway? >> the senate would have to agree with the house in repealing the bill and obama would have to sign. >> assume it doesn't get repealed but they don't have the money to administer it. isn't that effectively repealing it? how can they do it if they don't have the cash? >> if we can stop it, yes. the issue with the irs, we to dig into this and find out the answers why did the irs target certain particular groups. another interesting point that needs to be made is that sarah ingram who was an irs official who was in charge of tax exempt organizations between 2009 and 201 is now administering the -- and 2011 is now administering kind of the startup of the healthcare law taking effect in full effect in 2014. >> greta: would you agree that is random or coincidental or
7:19 pm
bad luck from the administration, moving her from one position to another? or do you suspect something else? >> i think that somebody obviously had -- they saw her work and liked what they did and so they promoted h her. she was also the one that received over $100,000 in bonuses after she was promoted over to the irs. >> greta: she also got a big promotion during the bush administration, too. >> if this is happening under her are watch there should be an investigation and we he should examine why she is now being promoted. >> greta: i agree he there should be an investigation. straight ahead, you will hear from a texas tea party group that says it was an irs target. you have to hear we the group was gilled. it has to do with wisconsin. what does wisconsin have to do with a texas tea party getting grilled by the irs? that's next. also, an american city on the brink of bankruptcy but that is not stopping its pension fund
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7:24 pm
listen to this. the northeast tarrant tea party said when it applied for tax exempt status they asked for the involvement in verifying the recall vote four states away in wisconsin. good evening. >> hi, how are you doing? >> very well. tell me, when did you first ask for tax exempt status? about when? >> that was in the fall of 2010. >> greta: do you you have it yet? >> no, we are are still waiting. >> greta: all right sox what happenedhood he you first applied? tell me the course of events? >> okay, well, we applied and we didn't receive any notification, well, we got the first acknowledgement and then never heard are from them again for 15 months. so they sent back to us 34 questions on mean in pages which is highly unusual. you normally would hear within two to three months you might
7:25 pm
get a couple of questions and at that point the aclj, the american center for law and justice scalia is tess came to us and offered -- justice came to us and offered their services which is a huge blessing because at this point we probably would have withdrawn the application because we were overwhelmed by the questions. >> greta: i have a copy of the correspondences they sent for you and one letter dated january 18, 2013 which i might add is deeply into the targeting phase when the irs is well aware they are targeting. talks about the fact that the original set of 34 questions that were submitted on february 8, 2012, a year before that had been pulled. it was replaced with a new set is of questions which were nine new questions but most of it multiple subparts. they took the 34 yeses and made he them into nine and took the remaining and made them into subsections. almost silly if you look at this. >> you are absolutely right. >> greta: what were you asked about wisconsin? do you have anything to do with wisconsin at all?
7:26 pm
your organization? >> our tea party, northeast tarrans tea party has a a relationship with through the vote in houston. they have trained several of our members on voter integrity issues. so true the vote developed the program for verify the recall in wisconsin. so when they were pushing for are volunteers we posted on our web seat and sent out a.b. e-mail saying we need volunteers to do this, is anybody available. that is the extent of your involvement. >> greta: and one the things that i irs wanted is printouts of all your website pages, right? >> oh, absolutely. website. every facebook post. every tweet we have ever done. ever i have flyer that a guest speaker might have asked for -- are might have passed out they wanted that as well. they wanted a list of our volunteers and every role. what they do. where the money comes from. who gives it. what we spend it on. what vendors we use. it was an insane amount of questions that really dug into private matters.
7:27 pm
>> greta: did you feel this was fair or did you think you were targeted. >> we he knew we were being targeted. that was never a question. >> greta: do you feel intimidated by the irs? worry about the the irs? >> absolutely. we a very strong tea party. we have some great worker bees in our tea party and we are effective and know that the politicians have taken notice of northeast tarrant tea party. at the same time, we are just normal people. 90% probably of your viewers, like i'm a stay at home mom. i'm not a cpa or tax attorney or anything like that. i'm not familiar with all of the tons of questions and or the regulations that go with having a tax exempt status. so when you get a letter that says from the irs what is your involvement with verify the recall you immediately start thinking whoa, wait a minute, did i do something i wasn't supposed to do? am i not allowed to be involve
7:28 pm
with this group? have i ruined everything for this group that we put together and worked so hard to build? it is paralyzing. it makes you think okay i'm just going to back off and we will ignore the whole tax exempt thing and give up. if is wasn't for jay sekulow that is what we would have done. >> greta: julie, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, what does rnc reince priebus want president obama to do? and move over, are south carolina governor nicki haley and lindsey graham going to be the next "american idol" idol judges? why do we ask that. in you will see for yourself, coming up. two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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7:33 pm
joins us with the latest. the thought was there were only two people that were sort of targets of the investigation in cincinnati but you i underand it that you all you have learned something else? >> that's right, greta. when the story first started to break steven miller called them two rogue employees who he said had gone "off the reservation" and they were the center of all this. we started looking into the 1st story a year ago when tea party groups contacted us saying they were being unfairly targeted. we were fairly familiar with the story. we started to pull in documents and immediately found four names of sense is national field office employees who have been sending the letters with the -- asking for exorbitant amounts of information and facebook pages and website pages and wanting to see the pages on membership only area of websites. there were at least four employees in the cincinnati we were able to find. we took that information and cross referenced with a couple of sources including a couple
7:34 pm
of law enforcement sources who said those are the names they are seeing as well of people who may be involved in this. the original claim that only two employees were behind all this seemed to be a strange claim in the first place and one that we have been able to verify does he not appear to be true. >> greta: one of the things i also learned from your reporting apparently at least some of them said they were simply doing what their bosses ordered. who were the bosses? >> the employees were saying they were doing only what they were directed to do by superiors. what is interesting also is in today's testimony by steven miller we heard a use of certain teams like a team in cincinnati. people in cincinnati. staff in cincinnati. and he seemed to even shy away from the reference to two people, again, who have not been named. miller already said the two employees had been disciplined. no word on what that constitutes so far. when you listen to the testimony today a lot of folks are thinking that the idea that
7:35 pm
you could be just disciplined without some kind of criminal action being taken would not be sufficient. we are continuing to look into all of those areas. but the claim that only two people managed to target the 298 groups at least some of the estimates are as many as 500 groups around the country were targeted that that happened with two people who had no super vision is highly unlikely. >> greta: even the mere fact that two were disciplined shows the higher ups were well aware of it if they already sort of disciplined them. curious that people are being disciplined even before recently. anyway, thank you very much, ben. >> grow you got it. thank you, greta. >> the irs, benghazi, the justice department secret seizure of ap records. the obama administration ensnared in scandal after scandal and this week a rough run. rnc chair reince priebus calling for the resignation of
7:36 pm
attorney general eric holder. why are you calling for the rehe signation of the attorney general? why specifically? >> i think this is just another chanter in his i think really miserable tenure at the doj. we have foregotten half of the scandals and judgment calls he has been involved with. reading the miranda rights to the christmas day bomber. claiming that his leaf legacy would be to try 9/11 terrorists before a civilian court. the fact that he said he was such a believer in reading the legal rights he would do it over the dead body of osama bin laden. fast and furious. contempt of congress including 17 democrats agreeing with the contempt. then he says you know he puts out this unprecedented subpoena over the ap reporters. then reduces himself on legal grounds that i can't quite figure out as a lawyer myself and i know you are, too. then he also claims. >> greta: that is because he
7:37 pm
was consulted in the underlie. i actually understand why he reduced himself. he was consulted in the underlying investigation. >> he said that because he deals with the reporters and then, of course, they found a real -- they did you go around a little bit more are and found a connection and then they threw that excuse out. about the bigger issue for me is that then he said that this is the biggest leak that he has ever seen in his entire career and he says that it put americans at risk. but you yet he never talked to the president about it, huh? hmmmm. this is the problem with this entire situation here with the irs. with benghazi. you have all of these situations. all of these unprecedented scandals. yet the president knows nothing about it. the fact is the president has built out an atmosphere of gorilla warfare and he is calling the tea party to -- >> greta: let me --
7:38 pm
>> go ahead. >> greta: some members of party say that the use of the terms watergate and iran contra is overselling or overkill or going to dilute the arguments politically. what do you think of some members of your party using those terms to describe this last week. >> certainly i think coverups problems and this is starting to appear like a coverup. i would also say before you get to the last chapter you have to connect the dots undefined the evidence and lay out an intelligent case to the american people. everyone is onboard that something stinks here. everybody is onboard that we need more answers and the president -- >> greta: what about using those terms? is that too much? >> i don't know if it is too much. i don't think you can conclude yet that barack obama is going to resign like richard nixon. i think before you get to the last chapter you have to actually do what a lot of your guests today and this week have been talking about which is
7:39 pm
having the hearings. intelligently gathering information and making the case on the facts that what has happened here is unprecedented. should be he punished. and where it goes, who knows, greta. i don't know but i he do think we need to take it methodically. we need to be persistent. but you we need to also be patient. >> greta: mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, a taxpayer paid trip to the great state of hawaii. wait until you hear this one. wait until you hear who is going on who is paying for it. and former defense secretary donald rumsfeld tells all. what secret did he he tell us about the sometimes rocky relationship with henry kissinger? you will hear yourself from donald rumsfeld, coming up. so you can understand every angle of your cash flow-
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7:44 pm
oceanfront conference in hawaii. who is picking up the tab? fox detroit reporter alex wiley joins us. alexis, tell me whose idea is this and who is going? >> well, the pension fund trustees are the ones who chose to attend that conference in hawaii. they could have chosen anywhere else but they chose that specific conference. four of them are going. the total pricetag is $22,000. one even chose to go on a first-class plane ticket. rooms are costing about $3,000. and the funds actually said that this is good for the trustees because they want them to have isal of the knowledge. two who are going are mayorial appointees. another his term is up in june. other trustees are saying this trip doesn't smell right. >> greta: alexis your city is on the brink of going under. this must be setting people's
7:45 pm
hair on fire. i don't even know if the conferences matter, if you can't skype or go online. where else might they go? do they have them in wisconsin or illinois or anyplace in michigan? >> they have training all over are the place. some happen here in michigan. one trustee went to philadelphia for a training is session and purposely chose not to attend the conference in hawaii even though everyone says you get a lot of information. cities are not attending the conference simply because it is so far and so expensive. >> greta: we went after the judges in the u.s. court of appeals 9th circuit because they had the boondoggle conference in hawaii. but that was just, california, to hawaii. this is michigan. a city that is going under. has the mayor said anything? >> he hasn't said anything about it. right now people are -- you are just really hearing buzzing from people throughout the community especially trustees saying that they think that this is something that shouldn't have happened even
7:46 pm
though what they are doing is perfectly legal under the law they are just saying right now, when you consider where detroit is just the financial situation we are facing this is not something that trustees should be doing. >> greta: alexis, good luck. i hope that they -- there is probably still time not to go out to i guess not -- probably too late. probably on their way to hawaii. alexis, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: well, so it might be sunny skies in hawaii but that is not the case for people looking for work in detroit. the pension board might say this conference is no vacation but what do you think? should the pension board be punished for approving this trip? vote now at >> straight ahead, south carolina governor nicky haley and lindsey graham headed for are "american idol"? find out why they are getting into the act. that's next. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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ah! woof! some things will. >> greta: okay, everybody it's time to hash it out. not fast food but must be finger licking good. the "new york times" reporting kfc meals and now, on to a lot of trouble to go to for fried chicken but smuggling food into gaza is becoming big business. there are no brand name fast food places on the gaza strip. just one problem, chicken gets soggy along the trip. and lots of congratulations for newly crowned american idol candice glover, a south carolina native. november nikki hailey tweeting congratulations. candice you've made your state
7:52 pm
proud, and senator lindsay graham tweets way to go, you made us so proud. one highlight, glover getting to sing a due yet with jennifer hudson. ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: you remember jennifer hudson got her start on american idol. she went on to win a grammy and oscar, so there. and from the dumb criminal files huffington post tweeting man runs on to frozen lake to avoid arrest that. is right. police tried to arrest a 19-year-old he made a run for it. but ran right through a frozen lake. with nowhere to go and no ice skates the teen final finally surrendered.
7:53 pm
so much for the great escape. this guy is no houdini. and more trouble for the beads. associated press reporting german officials say justin beibe of r will have to pay the bill for his monkey's two month stay in an animal shelter. the monkey was seized by customs because he couldn't provide vaccination papers when trying to bring him on his german concert tour. now, he's paying thousands or else the monkey will be a german zoo. we're sure he can afford the bill. now, it's your turn to hash it out with us. and don'ting for wret to follow me on twitter. at gretawire. coming up, what everyone is going to be talking about tomorrow, donald rumsfeld dishes on former secretary of state henry kissenger. you're going to want to hear this one. it's next. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
7:54 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. and during our interview with former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld he dished on a long held secret between himself and henry kissenger now declassified. >> you get phone calls from dr. henry kissinger? >> i do. he's a friend. and i guess dpl a memoir he said to an oceanal -- don rumd feld an occasional adversary and a permanent friend. when he was at state and i was in defense in the ford administration, we represented different institutions and had somewhat different views and at the time, henry was recording his phone conversations. and over so many years later
7:59 pm
they started declassifying all that have and putting it out. and he said some rather rough things about me. and so, about every six, eight, 10 months he'll call me up and say don, i'll say, henry don't say it. i know what is going on. they're releasing more of your classified phone calls where you said bad things about me. and he said, well that is right. and of course i want you to -- i say henry don't worry bit. i say things every bit as bad about you. i don't remember what i said but i must v the only thing is that i'm smarter than you are and i didn't tape my phone calls so he laughs and life goes on. >> greta: that is your last call and we're closing down shop before we go, i just posted a special thread on gretawire. you can tell us what you think about the irs problem. go to and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you all monday night. 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the
8:00 pm
record on the fox news channel. but go to, tell us what you think about the irs or about obama care, whatever you want. it's all yours good, night from washington. have a great friday. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> have a legal responsibility to inform others of the truth and you don't share that truth? that's what called? >> i always answer questions truthfully, mr. camp. >> bill: the fired head of the irs getting grilled today on capitol hill. but as usual he knows nothing. >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> bill: we have very precise irs coverage tonight and talk to a man who got hammered by that agency. >> give meme stuff. >> stuff right now. >> i'm sorry. >> bill: students are attacking teachers all over the u.s.a. but now the los angeles school district says they will no


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